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To-do-list 2 for V1.2.0 (2014.10.06) (This list will be combined with to-do-list 1 later.)



*** : Key features and new games

**  : Bug fixes and etc

*   : Pendings

[Current Work]

1. Adding Magazine Article

[Detailed Work]

1. New features of front end

(1) Pressing 'enter' in the keyboard to play a game which name is highlighted

    (now we need to double click) [by LidLikesIntellivision] [DONE]

(2) Next search button added 

    (When number of search result is more than 2, Next search button enabled)

    [by starwindz] [DONE]

(3) The dialog box to select the game version shouldn't appear 

    when there's only one game file. [by LidLikesIntellivision] [DONE]

(4) Fav list clear/import [by starwindz] [DONE]

(5) Genres grouping [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

(6) APE utility linking [by Defender-ace, NML32] [DONE]

(7) Add new extra listbox (Magazine articles) [DONE]

( 8 ) Publisher grouping along with with Genres [by starwindz] [DONE]

*(9) Publisher grouping along with with Genres [by starwindz]

     (Shows number of games?, Options: Atarimania comment yes/no, Magazine article yes/no)

2. Bug fix of front end

(1) If you set a tune playing and then right click on the music icon

    the tune stops BUT if like me you double click on a game to start it, 

    the tune obviously starts again. [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

*(2) if you have the front end set to play SAPS automatically and 

     you use the arrow keys to select games then when it hits a game 

     with a tune and plays it the arrow keys stop working to select games, 

     I presume it loses focus? [by Mclaneinc]

*(3) Correction of genres of some games

(4) Bug of remembering the last playing game [DONE]


3. Bug fix of games

(1) Beamrider: Version 1 freezes (both emulators) when you destroy 

    the mothership in the end of each level. Version 2 is a hack without this problem.

    [by LidLikesIntellivision] [DONE]

(2) Commando gives the message 'unsupported cartridge size' in Altirra. 

    It doesn't load in atari800win too.

    [by LidLikesIntellivision] [DONE] (Choose 128K XEGS) (Atari800Win still cannot run it)

(3) Neptune's Daughter: Changed to Version 2)

    [by LidLikesIntellivision] [DONE]

(4) Pool 400: gamepack\atarimania\extras\Pool 400\pub_idsi.jpg (0 byte)

    [by starwindz] [DONE]

(5) Crisis mountain: Clean copy of crisis mountain 

    (gamepack version has graphics corruptions in game and on title screen)

    [by AHA] [DONE]

(6) Galahad does not need BASIC (could affect the game),

    it also has a horrible loader show random bits of memory.. (works though.)

    [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

(7) Hobgoblin needs a /type a  added to the command line.

    [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

4. New games (1.Register, 2.Extra_std, 3.Extra_maps, 4.Screenshot & Run, 5.Copy files(inc. extras_maps), 6.Basic run test)

(1) New platform games [by AHA] [The list has been confirmed by Mclaneinc]

A-Zone [DONE]

Agonia [DONE]

Alp Man [DONE]

Artefakt Przodkow [DONE]

Basil Great Mouse Detective, The [DONE]

Cavernrun [DONE] (atari800winplus not working...)

Deathland [DONE]

Deimos [DONE]

Escape From Doomworld [DONE]  

Dwie Wieze [DONE]

Dziedzictwo Gigantow [DONE]

Frank & Mark [DONE]

Freaky Factory [DONE]

Glut! [DONE]

Gold Hunter [DONE] 

Gunhead [DONE] (PAL node)

Hawkmoon [DONE]

Helix [DONE]

Honky [DONE]

Imagine [DONE]

Jaffar [DONE]

Janosik [DONE]

Jaskiniowiec [DONE]  

Joe's Adventure [DONE]

Jumping Jim [DONE]

Jumpman Zero [DONE]

Labyrinths Of Kamerra [DONE]

Magia [DONE]

Magic Dimension [DONE]

Maxwell Manor - Skull of Doom [DONE]

Mediator [DONE]

Melt-Down [DONE]

Midnight [DONE]

Monkey Magic [DONE]

Morky [DONE]

Naturix [DONE]

Neron [DONE]

Olki [DONE]

Pyramid [DONE]

Robot Knights [DONE]

Rockford [DONE] 

Tarzan of the Apes [DONE] 

Technus [DONE]

Mission on Thunderhead - Operation Tempest [DONE]

Top Secret [DONE]

Upior [DONE]

(2) New adventure games [by AHA] [The list has been confirmed by Mclaneinc]

pirates of the barbary coast [DONE] 

buckaroo banzai (Already included in game pack)

Other enture #2 - The Curse Of Crowley Manor (Already included in game pack)

Hi-Res Adventure #6 - The Dark Crystal [DONE]

Dratewka the Shoemaker [DONE]

guild of thieves (Already included in game pack)

gunslinger [DONE]

institute, the [DONE]

knight orc [DONE]

mask of the sun, the [DONE]

mindwheel [DONE]

(disks 1 and 3 mounted at the same time to make it easier to play initially) 

neverending story, the [DONE]

sands of egypt, the (OSB) (Already included in game pack)

Serpent's Star, The [DONE]

star trek adventure, The [DONE] 

strange oddysee (Already included in game pack)

Transylvania [DONE]

(3) New arious games 1 [by AHA] (The list has been confirmed by Mclaneinc)

Alf In The Color Caves [DONE]

Barroom Brawl [DONE]

Bigfoot [DONE]

Bilbo [DONE]

Break It [DONE]

Break Out II [DONE]

Bubble Trouble [DONE]

Busy Baby [DONE]

Castle Top [DONE]

Citadel Warrior [DONE]

Crystal Crisis [DONE]

Danger Ranger [DONE]

Despatch Rider [DONE]

Dino [DONE]

Donald [DONE]

Drag [DONE]

Enigmatix [DONE]

Fidget [DONE]

Floor Walker [DONE]

Frantic! [DONE]

Go Elwood Go! [DONE]

Greenout [DONE]

Hats [DONE]

Heart Break [DONE]

Herbert [DONE]

Home Pong [DONE]

Homer's Honey Craze [DONE]

Hunch Back (NOBAS) (OSB) [DONE]

Icky Squishy [DONE]

Jump! [DONE]

Jumping Jack [DONE]

Killa Cycle [DONE]

Krazy Mazes [DONE]

Laser Robot, The [DONE]

Leggit! [DONE]

Let's Hop [DONE]

*Light Races ??? (Game lock up)

Lunar Jetman [DONE]

Mad Bomber [DONE]

Marinus [DONE]

Maze War (19xx)(ANALOG Computing)(US) [DONE]

Mission ArSoft [DONE]

Monstrum [DONE]

Mr. Cool [DONE]

Ms. Bulimia [DONE]

Mustak Hunters [DONE]


Oh Frankie [DONE]

Omidor [DONE]

One Life [DONE]

Periscope Up [DONE]

Pogotron [DONE]

Rockman [DONE]

Snap II [DONE]

Speed Run [DONE]

Sport Goofy (5200) [DONE]

Stickybear Basket Bounce [DONE]

Richard Petty's Talladega [DONE]

Test Drive [DONE]


(4) New arious games 2 [by AHA] (The list has been confirmed by Mclaneinc)

Airwolf [DONE]

Asteroids Emulator [DONE]

Battle Eagle [DONE]

Blue Max - 2001 [DONE]

Boing! II [DONE]

Bop'n Wrestle [DONE]

Bump Pong [DONE]

Caverns Of Callisto [DONE]

Ceres [DONE]

Cityhawk [DONE]

Cosmic Pirate [DONE]

Crossbow [DONE]

Cuttlemania! [DONE]

Dark Abyss [DONE]

Death Star Battle [DONE]

Domain Of The Undead, The [DONE]

Duellin'Droid [DONE]

Excelsor [DONE]

Fantastic Voyage [DONE]

Fighter Pilot [DONE]

Fortress Underground [DONE]

Gladiator, The [DONE]a

Golf Championship [DONE]

IK+ (Removed)

Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge [DONE]

Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium [DONE]

Kick Off [DONE]

Mule Wars [DONE]


river rally [DONE]

Satellite [DONE]

Scorpions [DONE]

Sea Fighter [DONE] 

Slot Machine [DONE]

Space Binvaders [DONE]

Space Combat (OSB) [DONE]

Space Dungeon (5200) [DONE]

Starfire Warrior [DONE]  

strip Poker (BAS) [DONE]

Strip Poker 0 (BAS) [DONE]

Tempest Xtreem [DONE]

Titan [DONE]

Uridium [DONE]

Who Dares Wins II [DONE]

Wyzle [DONE]

(5-1) New games by starwindz

Oxygene [DONE]

Oblitroid [DONE]

(5-2) New games by starwindz (From CGW magazine review)

(New articles from CGW will be added.)


Star Maze [DONE]

Computer Stocks and Bonds [DONE]

Computer Acquire [DONE]

Cosmic Balance [DONE]

Cosmic Balance II [DONE]

Galactic Adventures [DONE]

Millionaire [DONE]

Epidemic [DONE]

Nightraiders [DONE]

Planet Miners [DONE]

Cypher Bowl [DONE]

Train Dispatcher [DONE]

Space Station Zulu [DONE] 

Flak [DONE]


Andromeda Conquest [DONE]

B-1 Nuclear Bomber [DONE]

Bomber Attack [DONE]

Clear For Action [DONE]

Close Assault [DONE]

Combat Chess [DONE]

Computer Football Strategy [DONE]

Conflict 2500 [DONE]

Controller [DONE]

Flying Ace [DONE]

Market Forces [DONE]

Midway Campaign [DONE]

North Atlantic Convoy Raider [DONE]

Shootout at the OK Galaxy [DONE]

TAC - Tactical Armor Command [DONE]

Tank Arkade [DONE]

Tanktics [DONE]


Vorrak [DONE]


Warship [DONE]

Imperium Galactum (v1.1) [DONE]


Survival [DONE]

War Of The Worlds, The [DONE]

Arcade Pac-Man [DONE]

Galahad And The Holy Grail [DONE]

Shattered Alliance, The [DONE]

Battle of Shiloh, The [DONE]

Advanced Air Traffic Controller [DONE]

Tigers In The Snow [DONE]

Reversal [DONE]

Guns Of Fort Defiance, The [DONE]

Invasion Orion [DONE]

Crypt of the Undead [DONE]

King Arthur's Heir [DONE]

Final Conflict [DONE]

Battle For Normandy [DONE]

Probe One - The Transmitter [DONE]

Valley of the Kings [DONE]

Dragon's Eye, The [DONE]

Voyager I [DONE]

Prisoner 2 (v3.2) [DONE]

Starquest - Rescue At Rigel [DONE}

Evolution [DONE]

Field Of Fire [DONE]

Computer Ambush [DONE]

Paris in Danger [DONE]

Matchbox [DONE]

Knights Of The Desert [DONE]

Clipper [DONE]

Flying Tigers [DONE]

Quest, The [DONE]

Eagles [DONE]

*Pool 1.5 (?)

*Cribbage (APX)

*Cribbage (Antic)

(More Avalon Hills games)

(6) New games by CyranoJ

Mediator (Already recommended by AHA)

Basil the Mouse Detective (Already recommended by AHA)

Robot Knights (Already recommended by AHA)

(7) New games by TheEditor

Jumbo Jet Pilot [DONE]

Submarine Commander (Already included in game pack)

*( 8 ) Checked by Jetboot Jack

1) Mr. Robot 2 and Mr. Robot 3 are not games 

  - just badly edited levels for Mr Robot

2) Boulderdash Pro is another daft hack too

3) Mission and Misja are the same game

4) Gauntlet and Gauntletak are the same game

(Gauntlet was the "PD" version of Gauntlet and 

 Gauntletak was the "FULL" version released to the public 

 by the programmer himself a few years ago. => by Shannon)

5) Dreadnaught Factor 2 and Dreadnaught Factor 3 are just hacks of Dreadnaught Factor

6) Night Rally is a poor hack of Baja Buggies

(9) New game by Wrathchild

AtrQuads pack [DONE]


(10) New games by Bill Lange

1) Enchanter Trilogy: Enchanter, Sorcerer and Spellbreaker [DONE]

5. New extra data

(1) More SAP music and fixes [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

   (adding as many of the missing ones) 

(2) Also found CityHawk (the game, not sap) was faulty, 

       attached proper in with the SAPS [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

(3) The gauntlet sap already in the database is 

       for the Gauntlet by Mindscape, 

       not the game just named Gauntlet that is a shooter. [by Mclaneinc] [DONE]

[*](4) Here's roughly 50% of the saps done...

     Will do the others in a few days as there's no rush.. [by Mclaneinc]

***(5) Add magazine Articles (CGW) : About 40% done   

6. All games check

[*](1) One-by-one games check [by Mclaneinc]

   (Default game image file, Video system(NTSC/PAL), Game names('.The'))

Game OK? Any changes Set default to this image.

180 Yes Speed needs to be set to PAL by default

221b Baker St        Yes 221B Baker Street _ side A.atr [.]

Ace of Aces Yes Ace Of Aces (v1).atr [.]

Action Biker Yes Ace Of Aces (v3).atr [.]

Action Quest Yes Action Quest (v2).atr [.]

Adax Yes Adax (v2).atr [.]

Adventure No1        Yes Adventureland (v1).atr [.]

*7. Adding Contributors' names

8. Release candidate check

(1) Best games list confirmation

(2) No. of screenshots check (>= 2)

(3) Game search index rebuilding

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