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  1. 2014.06.29 How to run game pack on Mac OSX
2014.06.29 07:51

There are 3 steps to run game pack on Mac OSX.

(I could not test game pack on Mac since I do not have Mac, but I think game pack will also work fine just like Ubuntu!)

1. Install Wine using WineBottler

2. Install Winetricks and MS jet 4.0 engine (VERY IMPORTANT)

(This article is for Ubuntu but I think it would also work on Mac since OSX is based on Unix such as Ubuntu.)

3. Extract game pack .7z files and run 'a8_best_gamepack.exe'


If the user interface does not work, please disable the skin in the option or set 'gSkin=0' in the 'gamepack\ini\option.ini'. 

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