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  1. 2014.06.18 Star Raiders
2014.06.18 19:22

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[Garbage Scow Cpt. Cls. 5, 13/05/2014]

Was fortunate to enjoy this in my youth. This game, to me personally, was the equivalent of the ebay toy tugboat commercial. To enjoy this game now in my adulthood i realize why my dad enjoyed it more than any other game we had for the 400. A Masterpiece

[mark_h, 07/01/2014]

I was 14 when this came out, we had no money growing up so I knew I would never get even the cheapes video game system at home.  My only exposure was walking to the local mall and playing demos of video game systems in the various stores.  When I saw Star Raiders for the first time, I thought it was a work of art.  The detail of the simulation was incredible given the state of the hardware back then.  If I had the money I would have bought an Atari computer on the spot.

[JeffG, 27/01/2013]

This game was the real reason why we bought the 800 in the first place.

[Norm, 29/04/2012]

Tom, you're right on the money. This awesome game was superior to even the arcade games of the time. It was quite immersive. I give it a 10/10!

[Tom, 12/02/2012]

Only 8/10?  Is someone high???  Not only the best game of its time, but still considered one of the best space shooters even in the 21st century, Star Raiders is the foundation on which all other space sims are built on and try to match.

[jcat, 28/04/2011]

This was the game that instantly sold me on an Atari 400 computer during its debut month. This was not short of spectacular in its heyday - and there was nothing else like it. There was a 3rd party attempted clone for the Apple called Space Raiders - which wasn't bad, but next to Star Raiders - it didn't have a chance in hell.  I played this over and over and brought my 400 where ever I was visiting! Later on I graduated to the 800 and spent the early 80's with the best computer ever made.  The only thing that bugged me about Star Raiders was the "Shield" effect. I much preferred shooting alien ships against the black star filled backdrop instead of that blue (or green?) tint effect when the shields were active.

[Akira808, 29/04/2010]

This was better than the one on the 2600!! I've finished the Commander mission, and boy, is it hard!! I had a 800 before, and thanks through emulation, I can play these games!! Star Raiders remains my favorite, because of the challenge!! Kudos go to those responsible for making this great game!!

[Rene Castro, 26/02/2010]

This game was the reason I bought an Atari 400 as my first computer. I had just entered the USAF and didn't have the big bucks to buy the 800. But as luck would have it I got the upgraded version of the 400 with 16K mem!

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was now there is an update to this game and it's portable! Follow this link and enjoy:

This is awesome!

[Raymond Rivera, 18/05/2009]

A classic of the 8bit era and groundbreaking. 3D environment, basic but very strong game mechanics and high frame rates. I played the classic 8bit Star Raiders and tried to find an equivalent in the 16bit Atart ST and Amiga generation but to no avail. Star Raiders II looked pretty but dumbed down the gameplay!? Atari ST's Enterprise game was more true to form but lacked the excellent and fluid high frame rate from the 8bit version. The classic should be a lesson to game designers on  how to do things right.

[onky, 01/07/2008]

A good example of clever programming within a tight 8k framework. Star Raiders offers a deep space combat game which is still very playable today. Recommended!

[Martin Kiszel, 01/02/2008]

This is a top game for its age. No other computer had anything close to the game play and instant ROM cartridge start up.

The 3D player (sprite) graphics are amazing, with sounds that give you realism.

Interesting that a certain revive comments on bugs.....there are no bug in this game.. its damage done by zylons, realistic simulation stuff!!! Brilliant. Bring back the good old days.


[Yungstar, 30/10/2007]

the reason i spent 짙350 on an Atari 400 (my first computer) was this very game. an amazing amount of game has been stuffed into an 8k cart, an easy 11/10 if ever there was.

[eppy2000, 07/10/2007]

A definition of a classic.  Pac-Man and Star Raiders were the very first two games to go along with my brand new Atari 800.  Initially, I was taken aback by the complexity of the manual, but after awhile, I was able to play the game with ease.  There was no Star Wars games available to play on the computer, and this more than suited me fine.  There was so much put into the game within the system limitations of the day, which is why it's still so solid even today.  That aside, I've never mastered the game after all these years!  I can finish the Commander mode, but I have to make too many pitstops to finish in a timely manner.  Those darn Zylons always do substantial damage before I can defend myself.

[Andreas Koch, 23/07/2007]

Well, when I played Star Raiders the first few times on my 64k XL I did not like it, due to some bugs of the cart. Believe it or not, some carts are faulty, meaning when you press Control-G you get garbage instead of the galactic map. (I bought some more carts with the same bug.) Later I got some bug-free cart, this one works now, but it does some strange things on my nowadays expanded 576k 800XL, so I always have to switch back to 800 OS and 48k mode... but then it is a very good and enjoyable game.

[Jim Kuchera, 04/04/2007]

Everyone should own this game.  The first time I saw an 800, this game was running on it.  I immediately dumped my Apple II, and bought the 800, which to my delight included the Star Raiders cart.  To this day, I remember the thrill I got from this game.  It's still has great playability, and gets plenty tough as you gain rank.  I destroyed more than a few joysticks while saving the galaxy.  Do you now feel safer that the galaxy is saved???!!!  Truly, this game should be in every gamers cart box because it defines the word 'classic'.  I'm glad it's so readily available.

[Nixon, 17/04/2006]

mmmh the spacecraft on the frontbox looks exactly as vaders tie fighter xD...

[Callipygous, 22/04/2005]

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